Unsystemic insecticide with contact and digestive action, regulator the growth of harmful insects (juvenoids)
Active ingredient: Diflubenzuron 480 g / l
Formulation: Suspension concentrate (SC)
Manufacturer: Agria SA, Bulgaria
Authorized distributor for Serbia: Agrija RSL, Serbia
Size of packaging on the market: 250 ml


SHLEM 480 SC is nesistemični insecticide, growth regulator with contact and digestive effects. On damaging insects act by inhibiting synthesis of chitin by preventing formation of the cuticle and coating process as an essential stage of development of insects. It is particularly effective when they are located in the egg or larval stage.
Diflubenzuron effect on a large number of insect pests in forest plantations, fruit, ornamental and other plants.
It is characterized by exceptional stability.


SHLEM 480 SCSC as a contact and digestive insecticide is applied in forest plantations, to control gypsy moths, in the stage of development the larvae stage L1-L3, the amount of working solution of 3 l / h. Operating solution is made of: 100 ml / ha SHLEM + 500 ml / ha paraffin oil + 2.4 l / ha of water, for intensity of the attack less than 2,500 litters per hectare; 100 mL / ha SHLEM + 700 ml / ha paraffin oil + 2.2 l / ha of water, for higher intensity of attack of 2,500 litters per hectare;
For application of the aircraft: 150 ml / ha SHLEM + 700 ml / ha paraffin oil + 2.25 l / ha of water, for higher intensity of attack of 2,500 litters per hectare, with the help an ULV applicator, wherein the droplet size must be about 100 microns, to come to lower floors of the trees.
Diflubenzuron 480g / l, in addition to the application  in forest plantations, successfully applied in suppressing a large number of pests, such as fleas pear (with addition of paraffin oil or wetting agents), in a concentration of 0.05% (i.e., 50 ml + 30 ml of paraffin oil , in 10 l of water), damaging flies (Sciaridae spp. Phoridae spp.) in the production of edible mushrooms, by using 3 ml in 2.5 m² per liter of water, apple moth (Cydia pomonella) in a concentration of 0.025% 0,030 (i.e. . 2 ,5-3ml in 10 l of water), the large and small kupusar (Pieris spp.) at a concentration of 0.025% (i.e., 2.5 ml in 10 l of water), the leaf bollworm (Mamestra spp.) at a concentration of 0.05% (i.e., 5 ml of water in 10 l), plum moth (Cydia funebrana) in a concentration of 0.04% (i.e., 4 ml of water in 10 l), peach moth (Cydia molesta) in concentrations of 0, 04% (i.e., 4 ml of water in 10 l).


In the same area during the same year, it can be used twice.


Apple 14 days, 21 days pear, cabbage, sugar beet 35 days, the forest - provided the time of application (OVP)
Before the application of preparations, be sure to read the instruction manual.
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