Company Agrija RSL Ltd. was established in 2010th In such a small company as an authorized representative of the parent company Agria SA Bulgaria . The company is based in Sremska Mitrovica. The main activity of our company is to mediate the transport of plant protection products . In this regard , we offer a wide selection of products that protect against weeds , insects and pests and increase agricultural production by preventing the loss of yield of crop plants . We are fully committed to being a company that operates in accordance with the standards of environmental protection and in the future we intend to expand our scope of business , and our business to include a wider range of products

Our mission is to help farmers improve production while also facing the problem of affordability of water and arable land . Our purpose is to create simplicity in agriculture and through farmers lives easier by offering the right solutions for their individual needs using our leading products on the market. Farmers around the world prices of the products we offer the reliability and dedication to science to provide solutions that are really in need of a vendor .