Systemic fungicide for control In downy crop of cucumber 

Active ingredient: propamocarb-hydrochloride 722 g / l 
Formulation: a concentrated solution (SL) 
Manufacturer: Agria SA, Bulgaria 
Authorized distributor for Serbia: Agrija RSL, Serbia 
Package size in traffic: 100 ml, 1 l


RIVAL 607 SL is applied In the crop of cucumbers and gherkins Salatara to control downy (Pseudoperonospora cubensis) at a concentration of 0.2% (20 ml in 10 liters of water), treated at the first sign of symptoms in Salatara, or the phase of the first true leaves with pickles. 
Propamocarb-hydrochloride (722 g / l) as the active substance finds its place In a wide use in crops of pepper, tomato and cucumber, the causal agent of suppressing flattening of seedlings (Phytium spp.) At a concentration of 0.15% (15 ml In 10 liters water) , by treatment after sowing and before emergence of the crop, or shortly after emergence. 
It is used for controlling downy pepper (Phytophthora capsici), at a concentration of 0.25% (25 ml in 10 liters of water), watering seedlings 3 days before transplanting and 2 times after transplanting In untervalu 7-10 days. 
Propamocarb-hydrochloride (722 g / l) is used for the treatment of tulip bulbs in order to prevent flattening, at a concentration of 0.30% (30 ml In 10 liters water), cleaned by soaking bulbs 15-20 minutes. 
Propamocarb-hydrochloride (722 g / l) is used in planting of the causal agent for the suppression of petunia seedlings flattening (Phytium spp.) In a concentration of from 0.25 to 0.37% (25-37 ml In 10 l of water), after sowing by treatment with a pre-emergence or post-emergence directly. 
Can be mixed with all protective and systemic fungicide for control of downy mildew. 


toga one year in the same culture can be applied four times. 


14 days for cucumber 
Prior to application of preparations, be sure to read the instruction manual.
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